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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2020

Materials from the fall 2020 continuing-education virtual conference are included on this page.

TURA Program Update - Presentation Liz Harriman, TURI; Tiffany Skogstrom, Mass OTA
TURA Program Update - Summary Handout  
TURA Program Webinar Recording  

October 27

Session A: Safer Cleaning and Disinfecting for Massachusetts Businesses  
Webinar Recording  
Introduction and Experiences at SE Shires Chuck Shepard, SE Shires
Green Cleaning and Disinfecting: What Does that Look Like? Jason Marshall, TURI
Safer Chemicals Do Work Alicia McCarthy, TURI
Session B: Using the New TURA Data Site  
Webinar Recording  
Using the New TURA Data Site Heather Tenney, TURI

November 5

Session C: Successful TUR Implementation Stories  
Webinar Recording  
Riverdale Mills TUR Project Shuai Duo, Riverdale Mills
Outstanding Bath Case Study Greg Morose, TURI
Virtual Demo: nPB Elimination - CD Aero LLC Dan Lopes, CD Aero
Session D: Economics Evaluations 102  
Webinar Recording  
Financial Management and Budgeting for TUR Rob Sarnie, WPI
Instructions for Session D breakouts  
"My Try At The Case" Rob Sarnie, WPI