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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2019

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Making Sustainable Happen: Sustainability Tools at Schneider Electric Ray Lizotte, Schneider Electric
TURA Program Update Liz Harriman, Toxics Use Reduction Institute, and Suzi Peck, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
TURI Industry and Research Grants Joy Onasch, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Session A: Fundamentals Session: Characterizing your process  
Toxics Use Reduction Act Process Characterization Bill Judd, Industrial Compliance Group
Session B: Best practices for general practice planners  
TUR Planning Best Practices Andy Irwin, IRWIN Engineers
Session C: Tools Track Part 1: Finding and assessing safer solvent alternatives  
CleanerSolutions Database & P2OASys Tool: Process / Lifecycle Factors Alicia McCarthy, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Session D: Energy conservation: Incentives and opportunities  
Massachusetts Joint Statewide Electric and Gas Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan Jim Cain, Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Facilities Grayson Bryant, National Grid, and Paul Degnan, Eversource Energy
Anatomy of an ECM Andrew Vaillencourt, The Slide Rule Group
Session E: C1-C4 halogenated chemicals NOL: A focus on refrigerants  
C1-C4 Halogenated Hydrocarbon/Halocarbons Not Otherwise Listed (NOL) Category Rich Bizzozero, Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
C1-C4 Category Uses and Hazards Heather Tenney, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Refrigerant Regulations and Alternatives Kristine Davies, Trinity Consultants
Session F: Tools Track Part 2: Identifying and assessing solvent blends  
Hansen Solubility Parameters: Theory and Application Greg Morose, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Introductory HSPiP Software and DOSS Training Workshop Abigail Giarrosso, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Session G: Minimizing materials that contribute to solid waste  
Source Reduction Discussion John Fischer, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Raytheon’s Approach to Minimizing Solid Waste Irina Calante and Mary Strzempko, Raytheon
The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center’s Great Exchange Dona Neely, Devens Eco-Efficiency Center
Session H: Phthalate esters and safer alternatives for plasticizers  
Phthalate Esters and Safer Alternatives for Plasticizers Liz Harriman, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Northwest Green Chemistry (NGC) Report on Alternatives to Five Phthalates of Concern to Puget Sound Amelia Nestler, Northwest Green Chemistry
Mexichem Specialty Compounds Gary Nedelman, Mexichem Specialty Compounds