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Energy Conservation

Delaware Valley Corporation - Heat Recovery. OTA 2008.

  In 2006, Delaware Valley Corporation installed an air-to-air heat exchanger at their Tewksbury facility to recover heat for both process and space heating from two of their natural gas-fired textile heat-setting ovens. It cost $27,000 to purchase and install the new system. The company expected about a one-year payback from savings in gas related expenses. However, OTA worked with the company and identified utility incentives available from their gas provider, which reduced the payback period to eight months. In addition to cutting energy costs, the heat exchanger installation has resulted in more comfortable working conditions for their employees, because the workplace is now maintained at a constant, uniform temperature. Delaware Valley has been so pleased with their heat recovery system that they have gone on to install a second heat exchanger on the third oven, and are investigating the installation of yet another at their Lawrence facility, to capture waste heat from all their ovens. Finally, savings from the heat recovery system will be reinvested to implement future energy related projects. Download PDF file (4.77 MB)

Seaman Paper Company - Energy Efficiency Measures Save Resources and Money. OTA 2008.

  Seaman Paper Company is a leader in resource conservation that has significantly reduced energy use and fuel consumption over the last 10 years by making changes to its operations. The company implemented an energy conservation program that reduced electricity use by 2.6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) per year and oil use by nearly 1.7 million gallons per year. In addition, Seaman is installing a backpressure steam turbine/generator, which will enable the cogeneration of electricity and process steam and lead to further energy savings. All of these changes have saved Seaman Paper more than $1.5 million in yearly operating costs. Download PDF file (78.93 kB)