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Process Efficiency

Ophir Optics, LLC - Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. 2011.

  Ophir Optics uses lean manufacturing to achieve significant VOC reductions Download PDF file (315.07 kB)

US Pack- Process Improvements Reap Large Rewards. 2019

  US Pack in Leominster, MA, is a custom formulation blending and packaging facility, specialized in a wide range of custom liquid specialty products, primarily for the automotive aftermarket sector, and household and industrial markets. The company received a grant from TURI in 2017 to install a new, more efficient filling line, including a 10-head pressure gravity filler with dedicated air-actuated diaphragm pumps. The new equipment is predicted to reduce use of of acetone, ethylene glycol, and methanol by as much as 19,000 pounds total each year, and provide other efficiency and worker safety benefits. Download PDF file (330.91 kB)

Cranston Print Works Company - In-process Acid Recycling, Process Control Charting, Carbon Dioxide Wastewater Treatment. 2009.

  An employee-owned company, Cranston Print Works Co. (CPW) achieved annual savings of over 110 million gallons of water and over $350,000 in costs by implementing 25 water conservation projects. These savings are attributed to the CPW's Water Conservation Team, which was formed in response to the company's commitment to continuous quality improvement. Download PDF file (114.45 kB)