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Competitiveness Impacts for Massachusetts Businesses

The report Toxics Use Reduction and Resource Conservation: Competitiveness Impacts for Massachusetts Businesses summarizes the successes of 12 Massachusetts companies, documenting each company's costs and savings as a direct result of toxics use reduction or resource conservation efforts.

In addition to financial benefits, some companies improved employee health and morale and increased recognition for their products and services.

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A business prescription for reducing toxic chemical use:
An article in GreenBiz, authored by TURI's Rachel Massey, helps to answer the question, "What's the business case?" for reducing the use of toxic chemicals and investing in greener technologies.

Learn more about how Massachusetts businesses have successfully implemented toxics use reduction. 

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Case Studies: Read more details about these companies and more in our case studies.

Toxics Use Reduction is a tool that we use continuously in our facility because we’ve found that the benefits are extensive – we are protecting worker health and the environment, improving efficiencies and saving money.
- Anuj Mohan, Chief Operating Officer, ChemGenes in Wilmington