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Getting the lead out of electronics. 2009

  This fact sheet provides a summary of the successful efforts of the New England Lead-free Electronics Consortium. Download PDF file (424.23 kB)

Brooks Instrument, LLC. Lead-free Electronics Implementation. 2008.

  TURI Technical Report No. 59. During 2007 and 2008, the Institute worked with representatives from Benchmark Electronics, Brooks Instrument, and Emerson Process Management to conduct and document a lead-free electronics implementation for a high reliability electronics product that is exempt from the European RoHS Directive. The research information provided by the New England Lead-free Consortium, as well as the information contained in this case study, is of high value to companies that need to transition to lead-free electronics for their high reliability products. The Institute's university research program continues to fund research efforts to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in the electronics industry. Download PDF file (5.56 MB)