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TURI Reports


TURI Reports summarize key scientific information on select chemicals. All TURI reports prior to 2017 are categorized below as Technical Research or Methods and Policy Reports.

Technical Research Reports


TURI’s Technical Research This is a test hover   Reports describe industry and university led efforts to advance TUR for specific industry applications, processes, progress or results for toxics use reduction research or the state of a toxics use reduction problem.

Methods and Policy Reports


Methods and Policy Reports provide information on methodologies and policy approaches for toxics use reduction. They include TURA program evaluations; analyses of the TURA data; chemical alternatives assessments; decision-making guidance; and studies of the public health implications of toxics use reduction.
Case Studies Toxics Use Reduction requires a systems approach. A case study can be a helpful tool for understanding all of the variables that interact for a successful TUR solution - safer alternatives assessments and testing, work flow and process, as well as financial variables. These case studies from both the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) and TURI cover a diverse group of industries and sizes of businesses.
Toxics Use Reduction for Industrial Processes TURI is committed to helping Massachusetts industry find safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. These publications describe research and testing of safer alternatives for common industry processes: Cleaning, Coating and Painting, Plating, Printing 
Toxic Use Reduction for Industrial Sectors TURI Publications on pollution prevention issues in selected industries.
Fact Sheets TURI Chemical Fact Sheets describe the hazards, exposure routes, uses and alternatives, and regulatory context for selected chemicals, including those on the Toxics Use Reduction Science Advisory Board's list of More Hazardous Chemicals. TURI also publishes fact sheets on safer alternatives to specific toxic chemicals.  TURI fact sheets on Disease Prevention and Toxics Use Reduction examine the data on chemicals associated with a specific disease endpoint, such as cancer or asthma. 
Publications about TURA and TURI Information on the activities of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act Program and the Toxics Use Reduction Institute.
TURA Policy Analyses TURA Policy Analyses are developed as background for state-level decision-making about individual chemicals, chemical classes, and industry sectors.
TURI Staff Publications These reports and articles were written, researched or edited by staff of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, and were published by partner organizations, in books, or in peer reviewed journals.
Presentations Presentations made by TURI staff and other professionals involved with toxics use reduction and resource conservation.
Tip Sheet Series Tips to find safer cleaners, have a healthy lawn without using pesticides, improve indoor air quality, disinfect surfaces safely and effectively, replace TCE in manufacturing, and more.
Greenlist Bulletin TURI Library's free weekly update -- delivered to your desktop via email. Topics vary widely, and include innovative technologies, chemicals policy, pollution prevention, environmental health, and toxics alternatives. 
 TURI Newsletter Events, grant deadlines, and news from the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI).
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