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Hexavalent Chromium Fact Sheet

Hexavalent chromium compounds are a toxic form of chromium and are used in a variety of industrial processes and products.

The hazards of hexavalent chromium compounds are significantly different from those of non-hexavalent chromium compounds. Hexavalent chromium compounds are confirmed human carcinogens, mutagens and developmental toxicants and have high acute toxicity. Non-hexavalent chromium compounds do not pose the same level of concern with regard to either chronic or acute toxicity.

Until 2011, all chromium compounds were treated as a single category under TURA. Starting in reporting year 2012, hexavalent chromium compounds are reportable as a separate category under TURA. The hexavalent chromium compounds category has been designated as a Higher Hazard Substance under TURA, with a reporting threshold of 1,000 lbs/year.