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TURI Reports

TURI Reports provide information on a wide range of topics related to toxic chemicals and safer alternatives. Reports from 2017 and later are shown below. For TURI reports prior to 2017, see Technical or Methods and Policy Reports. 

Guide to Finding Safer Alternatives to Halogenated Solvents Used in Surface Cleaning Applications

  October, 2021: TURI staff developed this guide to assist manufacturing facilities in identifying feasible safer alternatives to halogenated solvents used in specific surface cleaning applications. Download PDF file (1,008.61 kB)

NaDCC Disinfectant in Janitorial Cleaning and Comparison to Bleach - Exposure Assessment

  April 2021: This summarizes the safety, health and environmental characteristics of the NaDCC cleaning product and how it compares to bleach-containing products in terms of cleaning and disinfecting effectiveness, safety, health and environmental protection. The report describes the composition of NaDCC tablets, their strengths and limitations compared to bleach and key literature findings related to NaDCC and bleach. The report also describes the methods and key findings of a 2019 TURI laboratory investigation to assess airborne chlorine exposures generated by disinfectant solutions prepared from NaDCC tablets and bleach. Download PDF file (788.52 kB)
Additional Reports Published Prior to 2017

TURI’s Technical Research Reports (1992-2016) describe industry and university led efforts to advance TUR for specific industry applications, processes, progress or results for toxics use reduction research or the state of a toxics use reduction problem.

Methods and Policy Reports (1992-2016) provide information on methodologies and policy approaches for toxics use reduction. They include TURA program evaluations; analyses of the TURA data; chemical alternatives assessments; decision-making guidance; and studies of the public health implications of toxics use reduction.