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“Toxics Use Reduction is a tool that we use continuously in our facility because we’ve found that the benefits are extensive – we are protecting worker health and the environment, improving efficiencies and saving money."
- Anuj Mohan, Chief Operating Officer, ChemGenes
“Constant improvement is
embedded in our culture and it stems from the TURA planning process. When we first started
reporting toxic chemical use and submitting plans to the state 25 years ago, we were fulfilling a requirement. But
now, by using safer materials we are viewed as a leader by
our customers and are protecting worker
health and saving money in the process."
- Charlie Flanagan, CEO and President, Independent Plating

Toxics Use Reduction and Resource Conservation: Competitiveness Impacts for Massachusetts Businesses

Competitiveness Report

The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) program works with Massachusetts businesses and communities to reduce the use of toxic chemicals. The TURA program is designed to help protect workers, public health, and the environment while also promoting the competitiveness of Massachusetts businesses. The economic benefits of pollution prevention in general, and of TURA program activities in particular, have been documented in a variety of publications. This overview summarizes and updates selected TURA program resources on the business impacts of toxics use reduction and resource conservation. 

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