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A Guide to Safe and Effective Cleaning and Disinfecting

There is a growing belief on the part of the public that all germs (or microbes) need to be killed because of infectious disease outbreaks. This belief leads to the indiscriminate use of sanitizers, disinfectants, and antimicrobial hand products that may actually pose a hazard.

Disinfectants are not cleaners. They are pesticides designed to kill or inactivate microbes. As a consequence, they are not products to be used indiscriminately. The overuse and misuse of these products is a growing public health and environmental concern. Overuse of disinfectant products can potentially create microbes that are resistant to particular disinfectants or that become “superbugs”.

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Did You Know?

  • Disinfectants have been linked to acute and chronic health issues.
  • Work-related asthma can be triggered by some cleaning products.
  • Ingredients such as acids, ammonia, bleach, and disinfectants are asthma irritants.