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Technology Application Analysis Template Utilizing SuparatorTM Thin Film Oil Recovery System. 1999.

TURI Technical Report No. 47. The design of the Suparator incorporates an innovative adaptation of Bernoulli's Principle. (Fluid flow across an asymmetric foil causes a pressure differential to be applied along the surface of that foil. This pressure differential is the result of the differing fluid velocities required to maintain laminar flow across the asymmetric structure.) The Suparator is capable of recovering thin films of floating oil by utilizing the specific gravity differential between oil and water. The thin-film separation technology used by the Suparator was originally developed for the petroleum refining industry, which required a continuous high efficiency oil-water separation process. This proven technology was adapted to aqueous cleaning applications to address the need for a reliable and consistent oil-water separation method for modern, high-throughput aqueous cleaning processes. The flow rates and oil loadings associated with such modern, high-throughput aqueous cleaning processes often exceed the processing capability of traditional EOP techniques.

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