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Evaluation and Implementation of No-Clean Solder for Surface Mount Technology. 1997

TURI Technical Report No. 40. This study addresses the implementation of no-clean solder pastes for a small contract manufacturing situation. The issues regarding the cleaning of electronics are discussed as well as the mechanics of the no-clean materials involved. A general methodology for implementation was generated along with a research implementation methodology. Following the research implementation methodology, materials were qualified against industry standards for acceptability. Matrix experiment methods were utilized to model the manufacturing equipment at an actual small contract assembly house in Massachusetts. Results led to the statistical examination of their equipment and yielded the important factors involved with each piece of equipment. Optimization techniques were utilized to recommend the best settings for the manufacturing equipment, and the settings found were tested on a real world product of the contract assembler. The results obtained were excellent and the customer has subsequently changed the requirements of that particular product to be assembled exclusively using no-clean solder pastes. An economic analysis was also completed to determine the cost savings that would be realized if conversion was completed at the contract assembly house.

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