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The content in TURI's Web Archive section is no longer being updated. However, the materials in this archive may be useful as background documents to supplement current information or to provide a historical perspective on a topic.

TURI Technical Reports Reports describe industry and university led efforts to advance TUR for specific industry applications, processes, progress or results for toxics use reduction research or the state of a toxics use reduction problem.
TURI Methods and Policy Reports These reports provide information on methodologies and policy approaches for toxics use reduction. They include TURA program evaluations; analyses of the TURA data; decision-making guidance; and studies of the public health implications of toxics use reduction.
TUR For Industrial Processes These publications describe research and testing of safer alternatives for common industry processes: CleaningCoating and PaintingPlatingPrinting 
Research Reports Articles and reports published about research conducted on the performance of safer alternatives.
Case Studies A case study can be a helpful tool for understanding all of the variables that interact for a successful TUR solution - safer alternatives assessments and testing, work flow and process, as well as financial variables.
Training Presentations Conference presentations
Presentations Presentations made by TURI staff and other professionals involved with toxics use reduction and resource conservation.
Tip Sheet Series For homeowners, use these tips to find safer household cleaning products, care for your lawn without pesticides, improve indoor air quality and disinfect surfaces safely. For businesses, find ways to replace TCE.
Governor's Report The Toxics Use Reduction Act program submits yearly reports on progress to the Governor of Massachusetts.
Community Grant Projects These projects were funded by TURI's Community Grant program and include materials and videos.
Greenlist TURI's weekly update on topics such as innovative technologies, chemicals policy, pollution prevention, environmental health and safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
Newsletter TURI's monthly newsletter includes trainings, case studies, grant information, new reports and research.