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Fitchburg: SHoP $MART for Safer Cleaning Products

Project Details

Year: 2011
Location: Fitchburg
Project Manager: Donna Wysokenski, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Coordinator
Partners: Fitchburg Housing Authority


Working with the Fitchburg Housing Authority, MOC put together materials and hosted a workshop on safer cleaning products for residents at Green Acres, a low-income housing project in Fitchburg. Participants will learned how to create their own safer cleaning products.


Through the workshop, MOC was able to raise awareness about the health effects of chemicals in cleaning products and conduct hands-on training on how to make less toxic products.  The thirteen participants each received cleaning supplies for their use.  This included castile soap, baking soda and vinegar, measuring spoons and cups, and a spray bottle.  A pre-post workshop survey was conducted, asking participants to record whether or not they experienced negative health effects from using conventional cleaners.  The post-evaluations indicated participants were planning to change their purchasing behavior and would use the products in the recipe book provided during the workshop.    

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