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Safe Products in Worcester Neighborhoods (SPIN)

Project Details

Year: 2008
Location: Worcester, MA
Project Manager: Rosa Fernandez-Penaloza, Worcester Youth Center
Partners: UMass Memorial, Regional Environmental Council, WCCA-TV13

The goal of the SPIN project was to increase community awareness among lower income inner city youth about the harmful chemicals found in household products. The Worcester Youth Center educated peer youth leaders about the health effects of toxics chemicals found in cosmetics and cleaning supplies and how to identify safer products and methods. Eight peer youth leaders educated over 100 teens who were asked to take the message of safer products home to their families. The peer youth leaders also coordinated a community event, provided samples of safer alternatives, and worked with the local cable station to develop an educational TV commercial about the hazards of products being used at home. The long-term impact of training teens before they are purchasing products for their own homes will change the behavior of the next generation of households, ultimately increasing the demand for safer, greener products.

Materials that the youth peer leaders developed under this grant can be downloaded from the sidebar. Check out photos of the WYC project from the TURI 2008 Champions of Toxics Use Reduction ceremony and other events during the year  here .

You can learn more about the Worcester Youth Center  here .

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