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Hoosac Water Quality District Working To Create Green Compost from Sludge

Project Details

Year: 1999
Project Manager:

The Hoosac Water Quality District accepts and treats more than five million gallons of waste water each day from households, businesses, and industries. A state-of-the-art process is used to convert the wastewater process sludge in to high-quality compost- a hot commodity for local landscapers and gardeners. The compost, which generates a modest income for the HWQD, is also used in capping the local landfill.
 This 1999 TURN grant supported HWQD in educating more than sixty small businesses and industries who discharge to the treatment facility, on the impact of accidental discharges of toxic chemicals to the treatment facility, workers at the plant, the Hoosac River, and the compost. Through outreach efforts (see Sample Business Letter) and a Small Businesses and TUR Brochure, local businesses and industries were informed of alternatives to commonly used toxic chemicals and shown how eliminating toxics can save money and reduce their liability. "If this Grant prevents just one toxic discharge from occurring, it will have paid back its cost many, many times over.Thanks to TURI for help and support!"
 George Heisler, Jr. Chief Operator, HWQD.

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