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Pesticide Reduction through Lowell's Tyler Park

Project Details

Year: 2008
Location: Tyler Park, Lowell, MA
Project Manager: Marie Frank, Friends of Tyler Park, Lowell,MA

To goal of the project was to encourage the reduction of pesticide use on lawns in Lowell's residential and civic spaces with a non-pesticide demonstration lawn site at Tyler Park. Leveraging materials from Westford's Healthy Lawns for Healthy Families Project funded by TURI for three years, Friends of Tyler Park educated citizens and city officials about the health hazards of pesticides to humans, pets, and wildlife. The organization distributed brochures, posters, and organized a workshop for city officials and landscaping firms. A sign for Tyler Park was purchased to showcase to residents that a beautiful, healthy lawn is possible with organic methods.

Check out photos of the FOTP project from the TURI 2008 Champions of Toxics Use Reduction ceremony  here .

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