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Center Pond Weed Project in Becket

Project Details

Year: 2009
Location: Becket
Project Manager: Mercedes Gallagher
Partners: Center Pond Preservation & Protection Foundation, Inc.

TURI funding supported a continued effort to control invasive species and further reduce the need for chemicals at a local community swimming lake. The project also taught others about their work and experiences so that additional towns may reduce chemicals in the same fashion.

Center Pond is a 125 acre Great Pond with public access at Becket's Town Beach. The Center Pond Weed Project is a grassroots non-profit organized primarily by residents of the town. The group is trying to eliminate Eurasian Milfoil and Culy-leaf Pondweed from the pond using non-chemical means. Hand-pulling of the weeds began in 2002, and since that time, the group has been successful in reducing the chemically treated area of the pond each year. This TURI grant helped to fund the divers to continue the hand-pulling and create educational materials about how to successfully conduct hand-pulling of these weeds.

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