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Workshop Presentations


Manomet Centers TURN/MET Project Overview

  A description of the Characterization of Sub-lethal Exposures to Pesticides Project funded by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute and Massachusetts Environmental Trust. Download PDF file (183.53 kB)

Silent Spring Cape Cod Women's Health Investigation

  A description of Silent Spring's work on Cape Cod to identify causes of breast cancer. Download PDF file (268.06 kB)

Non-Dietary Pesticide Exposures

  Massachusetts' Pesticide Analysis Lab has conducted biomonitoring of golf course exposures. Download PDF file (950.89 kB)

Tufts University SEANET Project

  The Seabird Ecological Assessment Network Download PDF file (650.72 kB)

Flea Control Pesticides Research

  Flea control pesticides: Companion animals as sentinels for human health effects. Download PDF file (65.83 kB)

TURI's Efforts to Reduce Pesticide Use

  Describes efforts supported by the Institute to educate citizens on safer alternatives to pesticides. Download PDF file (292.43 kB)