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Promoting Healthy Schools in Milton

Project Details

Year: 2001
Location: Milton
Project Manager: Mary Cobb
Partners: Milton School Committee and School Staff, Milton Board of Health, Milton Fire Chief, Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Health and Safety (MassCOSH).

A coalition of Milton school officials, health officials, fire officials and residents worked together to reduce the use of toxics in Milton schools and to include green building design elements in the renovation and construction of several new schools.

Led by Project Manager Mary Cobb, the former President of Milton Teachers Association, an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) sub-committee was established to educate school administrators, staff, teachers, and parents about methods to minimize the use of chemicals in standard school operations. Trained by Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH), the Office of Technical Assistance, and the Institute on principles of Toxics Use Reduction in the school setting, the sub-committee developed a set of policy goals, procedures and guidelines for achieving their toxics use reduction goals. This included suggestions for purchasing environmentally preferable products, storing and maintaining chemicals, and alternatives to pesticides for all Milton schools.

The EHS sub-committee sponsored a community forum attended by 40 people in called "Building Healthy Schools: A Learning Experience" to educate parents about their work. The Committee continues to work with the building committee and architects on incorporating green building design elements into newly constructed schools.

Ultimately, the EHS sub-committee developed an Environmental Health and Safety Policy which was adopted by the Milton School Committee. Working with their consultant, MassCOSH, they also developed a set of Design Priorities and an outline of the Elements of a Healthy School Design.

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