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Aerospace and Defense Conference- September 2013

Aerospace and Defense Conference- September 2013 Alternatives to Cadmium Rich Misiaszek, Sr. Principal Engineer, Raytheon. Description of the pros and cons of cadmium plated finishing, and what other replacements can achieve the same effects with fewer to none of the negatives.
  Cadmium Replacement  Francis DiGiovanni, Technical Service Director, MacDermid Inc. Pros and cons of cadmium in finishing. Suggestions for replacement with electroless nickel option.
  Chromate Alternatives Prof. Bill Fahrenholtz, Prof. Matt O’Keefe, Missouri University of Science and Technology. Overview of chromate coatings usage in anti-corrosive finishing, but also its risks and alternative options.
  Collaborative Research Greg Morose, Toxics Use Reduction Institute. Overview for alternatives assessment in an industrial seting. Particular focus on Hex Chrome.
  REACH Impact on Luster-On Products Cost effective, user-friendly and environmentally friendly alternatives in the production of luster products.
  REACH Implications for Aerospace Defense Supply Chain Dr. Chris Robertson Head of Regulatory Compliance, ERA Technology Ltd., UK. Overview of military and:  ERA, REACH obligations, Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) and information management in the supply chain.
  Sustainable Chemicals and Materials for DoD A. Rak, Paul J. Yaroshcak, Noblis, Inc. Outline of chemical and material risk management program, emerging contaminants, and identification and assessment of chemicals. Hex chrome is used as an example.