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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2011

Fall 2011 Alternatives Assessment Chemicals and Hazards Pam Eliason, TURI. Overview of assessing alternatives to hazardous chemicals by TUR and its partners. Economic and performance benefits of switching.
  Alternatives Assessment Performance and Economics Pam Eliason, TURI. Overview of what to consider for performance in AA, dealing with small group research, economic considerations, and tools for hazardous chemical assessments.
  Controls to ENP's An exercise in exposure assessment when working with nanomaterials and methods to avoid exposure.
  Blue Light Curable Inks Qinguo Fan, UMass Dartmouth. An overview of inkjet ink technology focusing on waste and pigment treatment methodology.
  Controls for Engineered Nanoparticles An exercise in exposure assessment when working with nanomaterials and methods to avoid exposure.
  Enova Aerogel Additives Peter Pescatore, Andy Dalton, Cabot. Scientific overview of Cabot aerogel for insulative coatings and its possible benefits.
  European Perspective on REACH Allan Astrup Jensen, Nordic Institute of Product Sustainability. European perspective on REACH from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA.)
  Making Progress Toward Sustainable Societies Dr. Donald Huisingh, Senior Scientist, The Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment, The University of Tennessee. What is the “big picture” issues that need to be addressed in sustainability?
  Managing Nano EHS Mark A. Banash, Vice‐President, Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. State of nanotech business today and nanomaterial process overview.
  PFAS and Alternatives Allan Astrup Jensen, Nordic Institute of Product Sustainability. An overview of PFAS and PFOS. What has been used before it, how is it made, and what are its replacements?
  Pharos  Melissa Coffin, Project Leader, Pharos Data System. Defines Pharos as a tool, community, and opportunity to find the best chemicals for specific needs.
  Proposed MassDEP Air Pollution Control Regulation Amendments Marc Wolmanm, MassDEP. Proposed regulation amendments regarding adhesives, sealents, VOCs, NOx, emissions, and metal parts and products.
  REACH and RoHS Ken Stanvick, DesignChain Associates. Presentation on the driving forces behind, and the impact of Product-targeted Environmental Regulation (PTER) in the electronics industry.
  Restricted Substances in Colorants and Coatings Liz Harriman, TURI. Introduction to restricted substances in coatings and colorants.
  Science Advisory Board Heather Tenney, TURI. Presentation on Science Advisory Board.
  Toxicology and Health Effects Associated with Engineered Nanoparticles Michael Ellenbecker, TURI. A guide to nanoparticles and nanomaterials safety in a work environment. Health risks involved with nanoparticles.