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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2012

Fall 2012 527 CMR Division of Fire Safety. A collection of chemicals and their related fire safety information. Information regarding 527 CMR33 classification process.
  Carcinogens and Asthma Related Chemicals Molly Jacobs, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. Overview on data from asthma and carcinogens.
  Chemicals and Health Preventing Cancer through TUR Dick Clapp. Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. Background on rates and causes of cancer. Information on cancer as a disease.
  Chronic Disease Introductory Concepts Molly Jacobs, Lowell Center for Center Production. Presentation on chronic diseases.
  DEP Regulations Update Proposed DEP amendments to Lower Sulfur content of Disillate Oil and Residual Oil.
  Energy Recovery MADICO Sandra Wyman, MADICO. Overview of MADICO and its energy conservation and planning.
  Genzyme Composting Program Morgan Harriman, TURI. Genzyme. Overview of Genzyme, focused on rare diseases and MS, and their 0 waste processes.
  Massachusetts Organics Action Plan Policy framework intended to reduce solid waste.
  OSHA Implementation of GHS Joanne Regan, USDOL/OSHA. Overview of GHS and how it can aid companies.
  RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts Lorenzo Macaluso, Recycling Works. Overview of RecyclingWorks.
  Regulatory Update George Frantz, U.S. EPA. Solid waste and waste improvement.