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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2015

Fall 2015 MassDEP Program Update Suzi Peck, TURA Program Director, MassDEP. Presentation on taking advantage of TURA amnesty.
  Session A  
  MassDEP Options Identification  MassDEP. Presentation on MassDEP expectations.
  Options Identification  TURI. Part of the 6 TUR techniques as a framework for progress. Identifying as many TUR alternatives options as possible.
  Acme Case Study Overview Acme Electronics. Overview of Acme Electronics and an exercise in process flow for solder flux cleaning processes.
  Acme Electronics Options ID Exercise  Acme Electronics. Exercise for replacing nPB cleaning using 6 TUR techniques.
  Session B  
  Update on Engineered Nanomaterials Michael Ellenbecker, Sc.D., CIH Director, TURI. Introduction to ENP EHS and a review of state of the art toxicology, epidemiology, and industrial hygiene involving nanomaterials.
  Session C  
  Proactive Chemicals Management Kevin Johnson, CIH, CSP, Director EHS, Siemens Healthcare Point of Care. A guide to risk management in technology sector. Compliance with REACH and EU policies. Market examples.
  Chemicals of Concern I Kevin Johnson, CIH, CSP, Director EHS, Siemens Healthcare Point of Care. An overview of the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP.) Working with EPA policies involving Chemical of Concern (CoCs.)
  Chemicals of Concern II Andrew Pastor, Global Product Stewardship, Waters Corporation. Presentation on internal processes and supplier outreach.
  Processes for Proactive Management of Chemicals Daryle Hillsgrove EHS Manager, Entegris. How to start the proactive management of chemicals. Tools to assist others. A history of how Entegris has grown and evolved along these principles.
  Session D  
  Hazards and Controls Identifying types of hazards. Health and safety guides for an industrial workplace.
  Metal Finishing Marko Duffy, President, Marathon Manufacturing Services. Issues in running a plating and finishing business. Common issues from a business standpoint.