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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2010

Spring 2010 Energy Management Planning and GHG Robert S. Ciero, Energy Resource Manager BOC CEM. An overview of the history, math, and science behind energy. Provides a lesson in energy management, planning, and how to achieve a good ranking under energy efficiency regulation.
  EPP EPP is a methodology for determining what product you wish to use depending on what environmental or health issues are deemed important.
  Health Effects from Occupational Exposure to Chemicals Elise Pechter, Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Monitoring worker safety and exposure is an important issue. How can you improve worker safety?
  Integrated Pest Management Eileen Gunn, Sage Environmental Solutions. Many pest control and landscaping operations present an opportunity for toxics use reduction.
  Metal Solvent Degreasing Azin Kavian, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Metal coatings may contain VOCs or NOx emissions, harmful to the ozone.
  Newly Regulated Sectors Focus on Dry Cleaners Pam Eliason, TURI; Marina Gayl, OTA. A presentation oriented towards dry cleaning on how high hazard substances impact new industries.
  Pollution Prevention Calculator Natalie Hummel, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics; Kathy Davey, Pollution Prevention Division; Charles Bevington, Environmental Assistance Division. A review of a greenhouse gas calculator designed to assist the P2 community.
  Process Mapping Understanding Processes with Hierarchical Process Mapping.
  Root Cause Analysis Provides an exercise to start building skill in conducting root cause analysis as an integral part of a toxic use reduction project.
  Root Cause TURA Planning A demonstration of systems and tools for process mapping and root cause analysis. How to follow up with a TURA action plan.
  Toxics Use Reduction Planning The First Steps Jeffrey P. Bibeau, REM. An overview of Toxics Use Reduction policies, employee notifications, and brainstorming exercises.
  TUR Energy Efficiency Strategies A presentation on reducing fuel usage and therefore emissions. How you can recover exhausted energy from plant processes.
  TUR Progress Reporting Proper reporting of production ratios and making accurate progress reporting through section 4 data.
  TUR Project Management Donald Alger, Sr. Environmental Engineer Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Background of Allegro and its involvement with the TUR program.
  TUR Reporting and Planning for Dry Cleaners A presentation of how the dry cleaning industry is regulated, and reporting and planning with the TURA program.
  TURA Asthma Toxicants Asthma prevention through toxics use reduction; Methods, findings and recommendations.
  TURPs Marcia Deegler. Provides models and resources for EPP Program and OSD MA statewide contracts.
  Update on Cold Solvent Regulations Heidi Wilcox, TURI Lab; Rich Bizzozero, OTA; Azin Kavian, MA DEP. How OTA and TURI labs function, and how they can help. A lesson on cold solvent regulations.
  Using Cause and Effect Diagrams Robert B. Pojasek, Pojasek & Associates. A guide on how to use cause and effect diagrams as problem solving tools for common P2 problems.