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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Advances in Metal Finishing Hexavalent Chromium and Alternatives Liz Harriman, TURI. Overview of Cr(+6), or Cr(VI); Its environmental and health effects, uses in surface finishing, alternatives, and discussion.
  An Overview of the Drug Discovery Process Daniel F. Liberman, Director HSE. An overview of the process of research and development of drugs.
  Audit Tools for TURA EMS Steve Mahoney, Goodrich Corp. A presentation by Goodrich Corp., producers of hot section turbine parts. The goal is to provide a tool for aspect analysis and show how internal audits and management lead to maintaining an EMS.
  Boston Sand and Gravel Green Energy Plan An overview of business, customers, maintaining size, and logistics examples from BS&G’s history.
  Converting From Hex Chrome to Non-Hex Chrome Coating Systems, Inc. Why to switch from hexchrome from a market perspective, as well as how and what to switch to and how it will compare.
  Flow Chemistry  Dan Liberman, Laetitia Martin, Jerome Lang, University of Cambridge. An overview of what flow chemistry is, examples of flow platforms, and how to increase them in scale.
  Greening of Medicinal Chemistry Dan Liberman. The design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or creation of hazardous substances.
  Hazardous Material Process Regulations Timothee Rodrique, Director of Division of Fire Safety. Looking to regulate process safety in accordance to fire safety.
  Hexavalent Chromium Replacements MacDermid. Examples of replacements for many applications of hexchrome such as acid anodizing, decorative chrome, and hard chrome.
  Hexavalent Chromium Uses MacDermid. Examples of current uses of hexchrome such as hard chrome, decorative chrome, acid anodizing, acid seals, and acid etching.
  Inherently Safe Technology Manuel R. Gomez, CIH Director of Recommendations, CSB. A primer on US Chemical Safety Board, examples of recent work, and where they expect to be in the future.
  Introduction to WasteWise Janet Bowen, U.S. EPA. Overview of Wastewise, a voluntary EPA partnership program.
  Management Review A checksheet for management planning and execution.
  Millipore's Energy Efficiency and Renewables Paul Lukitsch, World Wide Energy Manager , CEM. Describing their sustainability program, energy management program, examples of energy reduction, and how to get started.
  Ozone for Cleaning and Sterilization Akshat Gupta, Biomanufacturing at Umass Lowell. An overview of ozone and its use in cleaning, sterilization, and other applications as well as technologies.
  RC Source Reduction A presentation on reducing waste.
  Solid Waste Master Plan John Fischer, MassDEP. Overview of solid waste management in MA. Drafting plans to reduce solid waste.
  TUR in the Pharmaceutical Industry Presentation on reducing toxics in pharmaceuticals industry.
  TURA EMS Sherri Gaudette, Sr. Enviro. Health and Safety Engineer, TURP. Skyworks. An overview of Skyworks’ products, environmental programs and management systems, and EMS focuse environmental planning. Skyworks is a semiconductor company focused towards wireless communications.