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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Adhesives and Sealants Barbara Strickland, UPACO. Defining and qualifying various types of adhesives.
  Adhesives in Footwear Greg Montello, New Balance. Replacing adhesives with less-hazardous substances.
  Adhesives Use TURI. Exercise on adhesives use.
  Energy Audits for SMEs Mark Myles, TURI. Identify and quantify types and costs of energy use. Understand how energy is used—and possibly wasted.
  Energy Efficiency Ernie Barbato, Owner, Mr. John’s Cleaners. The owner of a small business talks about his experiences with energy efficiency.
  Globally Harmonized System Liz Harriman, TURI. Overview of OSHA GHS; requirements, classification, labelling, and safety.
  Safer Alternatives UMass Lowell. An exercise on safer alternatives.
  TUR Plan Requirements MassDEP. Describes the requirements and underlying principles of the TUR plan.
  Understanding Process Safety Management SPEC. 527 CMR 33. Relating process safety management to manufacturing facilities.
  Water Conservation Exercise on water conservation.
  Water Conservation Calculators  Amy Vickers. Tools for calculating water conservation values.