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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Adhesives and Sealants Azin Kavian, MassDEP. MA Adhesives and Sealants regulations.
  Higher Hazard Substances Liz Harriman, TURI. Defining high hazard substances (HHS) and solvent substitutions. Mass VOC regulation update.
  Industrial Ventilation David W. Bearg. Improving industrial ventilation in respects to toxic use reduction.
  Insulation Overview Defining heat loss, R and U values, and types of insulation.
  Janitorial Cleaning Donna Laviolette, Raytheon. An overview of Raytheon’s business, and TUR with janitorial cleaning.
  Making the Business Case Suzi Peck, MassDEP. Mark Myles, TURI. Costs of toxics and economic evaluation in TUR plans. Linking TUR to business drivers.
  Management Policy TURI. MassDEP findings from plan reviews; planner ethics and planner dilemmas.
  Materials Accounting Jeff Bibeau, Associate – Environmental Compliance Manager, Tighe & Bond Consulting Engineers. Establishing an agenda and covering the topic of materials accounting.
  Metal Plating and Finishing Columbia MFG., Inc. Overview of Columbia and metal plating.
  Process Characterization TURI. Establishing an agenda and covering the topic of process mapping.
  Solvent Recovery and Recycling ChemGenes Corporation. Working with TUR and solvent reduction.
  TUR Options Identification and Evaluation Pam Eliason, TURI. Linda Swift, Capaccio Environmental Engineering. TUR identification and evaluation.
  Wet Cleaning TURI. PERC and replacement in the dry cleaning sector.