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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Keynote I - Kathrin Winkler Kathrin Winkle, EMC. Keynote presentation on business, accountability, and sustainability.
  Keynote II - Rich Murphy  Rich Murphy, EMC. Presentation on material substitution.
  Session A  
  Materials Accounting Jeff Bibeau, Tighe & Bond Consulting Engineers. A demonstration on being a TURP and materials accounting.
  Materials Accounting Problems Jeff Bibeau, Tighe & Bond Consulting Engineers. A demonstration on being a TURP and issues with materials accounting.
  Session B  
  Flame Retardant Evaluations at USEPA Emma T. Lavoie, U.S. EPA. Assessing Higher, moderate, and lower hazard chemicals in flame retardants. Examples of alternatives.
  Flame Retardants and Fire Safety Liz Harriman, TURI. Planning for unlisted hazards in flame retardants.
  Reducing Fires and Associated Losses  Marty Ahrens, NFPA. Presentation on fire safety and flame retardants.
  Flame Retardants of Concern Courtney Carignan, Ph.D., Harvard School of Public Health. TURA listed flame retardants, non-TURA listed flame retardants, exposure and endocrine disruption.
  Session C  
  Update on Nanotechnology EHS Michael Ellenbecker, Sc.D., CIH Director, TURI. Overview of nanotechnology and nanoparticles exposure.
  NIOSH CIB CNTs 2013-145 Dept. of Health and Human Services. CDC. NIOSH. Occupational exposure to carbon nanotubes and nanofibers.
  Safe Development of Nanotechnology  Rick Reibstein, MA Office of Technical Assistance. Programs for worker safety and materials selection in regards to nanotechnology.
  Session D  
  Making the Business Case Elyce Anne Biddle, West Virginia University. What is a business case, and how and why measure EHS value.
  Session E  
  EMS Implementation Stephen J. Kmiotek, Ph.D., PE, Professor of Chemical Engineering, WPI. Overview of Dow Chemical and electronic materials, the Responsible Care 14001 and TURA plan, and challenges involved.
  Session F  
  Carbon Footprint Project Overview  Sally Edwards, Senior Research Associate, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. Susan Baker, Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy Trillium Asset Management. Understanding Chemical Footprint Project and practice using the CFP Assessment Tool.
  Tools and Resources for Implementing the Carbon Footprint Project Chemical Footprint Project. Chemical inventories, Legally Restricted Substances List and safer alternatives.
  Session G  
  A Green Energy- Anaerobic Digestor Vanguard Renewables. Benefits and process of anaerobic digestion. Sources of feedstock and energy content.
  Solid Waste RC Planning TWfoils. TURA resource conservation planning and examples.
  An Overview of Cellulose Based Technologies to Recycle/Reduce Solid Waste University of Maine Orono Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI.) Mission of FBRI for sustainability. Examples of alternative chemicals tested in labs.