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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Plenary Speaker - Dr. Jo Ann Ratto  
  TURA Program Update Rich Bizzozero, Director, OTA. Higher Hazard Substance designations and TURA’s progress.
  Session A  
  Water Resource Conservation in Water Marl Girgenti, Burt Process Equipment. Reviewing the process of water treatment and water generation. Means of reducing water consumption and reclaiming waste.
  Session B  
  Management Systems Update Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. Management systems with TURA EMS. ISO 14001:2015, preparing to conform and certify with the revisions.
  Auditor Needs ISO 14001 Shayla Barrett, Auditor, Eagle Certification Group. Presentation on auditing and ISO 14001:2015.
  Session C  
  Process Characterization Rich Bizzozero, OTA. Understanding production units, facility efficiency, and understanding the difference between chemical use, product, and byproduct emission.
  Session D  
  Dust Explosion Hazards Ashok Ghose Dastidar, Fauske and Associates, LLC. Examples of dust explosions, hazard identifications, material characterization, and hazard mitigation.
  Session E  
  The Mass. APS Incentive for CHP Systems John Ballam, MA Department of Energy Resources. Presentation on APS incentives for CHP systems.
  APS, AECS, GHG Reduction Estimator Simple tool for in depth analysis on APS, AECS, and GHG reduction.
  Combine Heat and Power (CHP) Mass Save. Working with MA companies towards energy efficiency through combined heat and power, or heat and power from the same fuel source.
  Making Your Own Power Jim Ruberti, Senior Energy Consultant for CHP/DG, EVERSOURCE. Defining CHP and other industry terms and technologies. Combined heat and power, or cogeneration.