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Greener Materials Research Symposium Spring 2015

Greener Materials Research Symposium - Spring 2015    
  Safer Thermosetting Resin Compositions. Nagarajan. TURI. Video presentation on safer thermosetting resins. Building capacity for and carrying out research.
  Working with TURI and Industry Partners. Gu. TURI. Video presentation on how TURI works with its industry partners to reduce toxic chemicals. 
  Benchmark Electronics. Mazur. Benchmark Electronics. Video presentation on technology industry and greener materials for equipment.
  Supply Chain Collaboration. Morose. Greg Morose, TURI. Video presentation on working with other businesses along the supply chain.
  Life Cycle Assessment at Siemens. Johnson.  Kevin Johnson, CSP Director Global EHS Systems, Siemens. Life cycle assessment for green materials in medical applications at Siemens. 
  Market Drivers for Innovation. McFadden. Roger McFadden, Vice President/Senior Scientist, Staples, Inc. Video presentation on creating shared values for company, customers, and community. These forces create a drive for innovation.
  History and Uses of Bisphenols. Schmidt. Daniel F. Schmidt, UMass Lowell Dept. of Plastics Engineering. Video presentation on industry history and uses of bisphenols.
  BPA and Related Chemicals. Vandenberg. Laura N. Vandenberg, PhD, UMass Amherst School of Public Health & Health Sciences. Video presentation on risks posed by BPA and other, similar chemicals.
  TURI FY 16 Research Opportunities. Morose. Greg Morose, TURI. Video presentation on academic research grants given by TURI for toxics reduction.
  Savogran. Conti. Savogran. Video presentation on Savogran, a 100% employee owned Home Up-keep company based in Massachusetts. How Savogran has practiced green material replacement.
  Solvent Reduction in Contact Adhesives. Atwater. Michael Atwater, ITW Polymers Sealants. Video presentation on reducing solvent usage in contact adhesives for ITW PSNA.
  Finding Safer Solvents for Coatings and Adhesives. Sobkowicz Kline. TURI. Finding safer replacements for solvents in coatings and adhesives.