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Resource Conservation Training 2016: Day 2

Guertin C Air Slides Jim Guertin, Specialist, UTS Energy Engineering. Presentation on conserving energy in compressed air systems.
Waste Reduction and Resource Conservation RecyclingWorks. Worksheet on reducing waste and conserving resources.
Using Resource Management to Achieve Zero Waste Brian Balukonis. Raytheon. A worksheet providing an overview on Raytheon’s resource management program, working towards reducing waste in the electronics industry.
Compressed Air Sourcebook U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Extensive overview of industrial compressed air systems. Resources for determining and improving performance and efficiency, as well as where to find help for achieving these things with your compressed air system.
Potentially Inappropriate Uses of Compressed Air An in-depth technical overview of the possible mistakes one could make when using compressed air systems, either through inefficiency or hazard. 
Air Compressor Curve Tool Custom tool for technically evaluating and comparing data on air compressors.
Compressor Heat Calculator Tool for calculating heat and other factors from air compressor usage.
Air and Water Leakage Tool for calculating air and water leakage when using air compressors.
RC Day 2 Speaker Biographies Several presentations on resource conservation from different industry perspectives.