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Field Fund Wins Award, Carries on Work at Elementary Schools

  June 14, 2018 article about The Field Fund's extensive work to implement and promote organic playing fields on Martha's Vineyard.

URL:  https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2018/06/14/field-fund-wins-award-carries-work-elementary-schools

Toss the Toxics: Prof. Lauded at State House

  June 20, 2018 article on UMass Lowell's website about Assistant Prof. Boce Zhang who received the Champion of Toxics Use Reduction award at the State House on June 12.

URL:  https://www.uml.edu/News/stories/2018/Boce-TURI-StateHouse.aspx

Local Firms Praised for Reducing Toxics

  June 18, 2018, article in Sentinel and Enterprise about US Pack and Little Leaf Farms receiving the Champions of Toxics Use Reduction awards at the State House.

URL:  https://www.uml.edu/News/news-articles/2018/sun-turi.aspx

Lowell Celebrates Earth Month with Events

  LOWELL, Mass. – Earth Day is observed every April 22 across the globe to raise awareness about environmental protection and sustainability. But in Lowell, the celebration is bigger than just a single day. Since 2016, community partners including UMass Lowell have expanded to offer eco-conscious activities and educational events across the city throughout the month of April. Lowell Earth Month is a collaborative effort of many organizations – including UMass Lowell, the city of Lowell, Middlesex Community College, Lowell National Historical Park and Mill City Grows – and includes whitewater-rafting trips on the Concord River, greenhouse tours, screenings of films about climate change, art workshops, sustainability lectures and more. This year, thanks to more than 50 such partners, the community is launching its first-ever Festival of Learning to coincide with Lowell Earth Month 2018. The festival marks the beginning of efforts to define Lowell as a City of Learning, celebrating and promoting the multitude of educational and skill-building opportunities available throughout the community.

URL:  https://www.uml.edu/News/press-releases/2018/LowellEarthMonth2018release.aspx

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