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Policy Reports and Articles

Asthma-Related Chemicals in Massachusetts: an Analysis of Toxics Use Reduction Data. 2009.

TURI Methods and Policy Report No. 25. This report examines the extent to which chemicals that can cause the initial onset of asthma or trigger subsequent asthma attacks -- known as asthmagens -- are being used by Massachusetts industries that report under the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) program.

United Nations Environment Programme Global Chemicals Outlook. 2012.

Authors: R. Massey, M. Jacobs, K. Geiser, S. Edwards Read more...

The Burden of Cancer from Organic Chemicals. 2013.

Authors: M. Jacobs, R. Massey, R. Clapp

The Applicability of Chemical Alternatives Assessment for Engineered Nanomaterials. 2016.

  Authors: Hjorth, R., Hansen, S., Jacobs, M., Tickner, J., Ellenbecker, M., Bauny, A. Download PDF file (2.28 MB)

Toxic Substances in Articles: The Need for Information. 2008.

Authors: R. Massey, J. Hutchins, J. Tickner, M. Becker Read more...