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Make the Switch from Toxic Chemicals to Safer Alternatives

TURI offers a wealth of resources to help companies and organizations make the switch from using toxic chemicals to using safer alternatives. These include publications, research reports, case studies, videos, tools and databases.

Databases and Tools

Featured Videos

Aerospace Industry Eliminates Hex Chrome

Morgan Eliminates TCE

Understanding Engineered Nanomaterials

Hear directly from companies about how they reduced or eliminated the use of toxic chemicals. You'll also find videos about the aerospace and defense industry, nanomaterials and Toxics Use Reduction Planners.

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Publications by Category

Guides to Safer Chemicals - The the guides in this series are intended to help companies identify safer chemicals for their particular applications.


Research Reports - TURI’s Research Reports describe industry and university led efforts to advance TUR for specific industry applications, processes, progress or results for toxics use reduction research or the state of a toxics use reduction problem.

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Publications by Category

Case Studies - Toxics Use Reduction requires a systems approach. A case study can be a helpful tool for understanding all of the variables that interact for a successful TUR solution - safer alternatives assessments and testing, work flow and process, as well as financial variables. These case studies from both the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) and TURI.

Chemical Fact Sheets - TURI Chemical Fact Sheets describe the hazards, exposure routes, uses and alternatives, and regulatory context for selected chemicals, including those on the Toxics Use Reduction Science Advisory Board's list of More Hazardous Chemicals. 

Greenlist Bulletin

Greenlist Bulletin is issued about twice per month. Topics include innovative technologies, chemicals policy, pollution prevention, environmental health, safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.

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