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Case Studies

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Wet Cleaning Best Neighborhood Care Dry Cleaners - Cost Analysis of a Professional Wet Cleaning Shop. 2012.
Mr. John's Cleaners - Saves Money, Reduces Toxics, Conserves Energy. 2011.
Ace Cleaners - Eliminating the Use of Toxic Chemicals in Dry Cleaning. 2011.
Silver Hanger Cleaners - Feasibility and Cost Comparison of Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning to Professional Wet Cleaning. 2010.
Industrial Cleaning BioBased Floor Stripping
Allston Collision Center OTA. 2015
912 Auto Center.2014.
Inner-Tite Corporation - Closed Circuit Degreaser and Other Changes Improve Environmental Health and Safety. OTA 2001.
BOC Edwards - Enclosed Automated Wash System. OTA 2001.
Cleaning Urethane, Ink and Paint Manufacturing Vessels - Alternatives to Toxic Solvents in Cleaning Systems. 1997.
Smith & Wesson - 1,1,1-Trichloroethane Elimination. OTA 1995.
Energy Conservation Mark Richey Woodworking - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. OTA. 2016
Delaware Valley Corporation - Heat Recovery. OTA. 2008
Seaman Paper Company - Energy Efficiency Measures Save Resources and Money. OTA 2008. 
Texas Instruments - Energy Conservation. 2003.
Water Conservation  GKN Sinter Metals - Reduced Process Water Consumption By Special WastewaterPretreatment and Recycling. OTA 2003.
  Analog Devices - Innovative Solutions to Water Conservation. 2015
Waste Reduction Mark Richey Woodworking - Toxic Use and Waste Reduction. OTA. 2017
VOC Reduction  Ophir Optics LLC - Lean Manufacturing. 2011
Ophir Optics LLC - Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma OTA Updated 2015
ESP Lock Products, Inc. - Vegetable Oil Lubricant Replacement. 1999.
Brownell Boat Stands, Inc. - Low-VOC Coatings. OTA 1999.
Crest Foam - Elimination of Methylene Chloride Use in Manufacturing Process. OTA 1997.
Process Efficiency  Cranston Print Works Company - In-process Acid Recycling, Process Control Charting, Carbon Dioxide Wastewater Treatment. 2009.
South Coast Technical Products - Filtration and Wastewater Compliance. OTA 2007.
Olympic Manufacturing - Recycling Coolant. OTA 1999.
Poly-Plating Inc. - Chemical and Water Waste Reduction. OTA 1997.
Korber Hats - Elimination of Hazardous Air Pollutants. OTA 1997.
Lightolier - Elimination of Trichloroethyleneand Reduction of VOC Emissions. OTA 1997.
Kidde-Fenwal - New Coating Technologies Provide Big Payoffs. OTA 1996.
Novacor Chemicals, Inc. - Monomer Storage and Handling Improvements. OTA 1995.
Metal Finishing and Plating Independent Plating - Trivalent Chromium Plating Conversion. 2012.
Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. - Plating Operation Achieves Zero Wastewater Discharge. OTA 2005.
V.H. Blackinton & Co. - Halogen Solvent Elimination, Chemical Reduction and Zero Discharge. OTA 2003.
Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. Plating Operation Achieves Zero Wastewater Discharge OTA. 2015
Wire and Cable  AlphaGary Corporation - Reduction in Lead Compounds. OTA 2005.
Coatings Tubed Products, Inc. - Ultraviolet Curing of Inks and Coatings. OTA 1995.
  Shawmut Corporation OTA 2015
  Stainless Steel Coatings - Input Substitutions. OTA. 2015
  Kidde-Fenwal - New Coating Technologies Provide Big Pay Offs OTA 1996
  Franklin Paint Company OTA 2015
Textiles Coyne Textile Services - Pre-Laundering Techniques to Achieve Reductionsin Water Use. OTA 2002.
Brittany Dyeing and Printing Corporation - Innovative Textile Finishing Process. OTA 1999.
Printing  Fit to Print Advertising, Inc. - Conversion to UV Curing. OTA 1996.
  Minuteman Press of Foxboro Goes All Green with New Equipment.2017
Paper Hampden Papers, Inc. - Reduction of VOC Emissions Leads top Savings. OTA 1998.
Crane & Company, Inc. - Substitution with Carbon DioxideEliminates Major Use of Sulfuric Acid. OTA 2003.
Life Sciences ChemGenes Corporation - Solvent Recovery and Recycling. 2013.
  Averica Discovery Services Inc. - Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. OTA 2015
  ChemGenes Corporation - Solvent Reduction. OTA 2016
Microbreweries Merrimack Ales - Safer Cleaning and Sanitizing Technology. 2018
  Merrimack Ales - Less Hazardous Cleaning and Sanitizing Technology. 2016
Food and Beverage Cape Cod Potato Chips - Food Manufacturer Shrinks Chemical Use.2018
Gyms Gymnastics and More
Autobody and Auto Repair Mike's Autobody - Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals. 2016
  Allston Collision Center OTA. 2015
  912 Auto Center - Switching to Water Based Paint and Paint Gun Washers. 2014
Miscellaneous Acushnet Rubber Company - ISO Certification through TUR. OTA 1997