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Case Studies

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Autobody and Auto Repair Workshop Auto minimizes use of hazardous chemicals. 2021
Assabet Auto Tech Program. 2019
Mike's Autobody - Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals. 2016
Allston Collision Center OTA. 2015
912 Auto Center - Switching to Water Based Paint and Paint Gun Washers. 2014
Bathtub Refinishing Outstanding Bath Replaces Methylene Chloride-Based Paint Stripper. 2021
Coatings Tubed Products, Inc. - Ultraviolet Curing of Inks and Coatings. OTA 1995
Shawmut Corporation OTA 2015
Stainless Steel Coatings - Input Substitutions. OTA. 2015
Kidde-Fenwal - New Coating Technologies Provide Big Pay Offs OTA 1996
  Franklin Paint Company OTA 2015
Energy Conservation Mark Richey Woodworking - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. OTA. 2016
Delaware Valley Corporation - Heat Recovery. OTA. 2008
Seaman Paper Company - Energy Efficiency Measures Save Resources and Money. OTA 2008.
Texas Instruments - Energy Conservation. 2003
Food and Beverage Fat Moon Mushrooms replaces bleach with safer sanitizer. 2020
Little Leaf Farms Overpowers Algae. 2019
Kettle Cuisine Refines its Cleaning Process. 2019
Cape Cod Potato Chips - Food Manufacturer Shrinks Chemical Use. 2018
Gyms, Fitness and Training Centers Family Martial Arts Center kicks out harmful disinfecting chemicals while defending against COVID-19. 2021
Gym creates healthier and safer foam pits by removing toxic flame retardants. 2018
Industrial Cleaning CD Aero Eliminates Use of nPB, Gains Production Capacity. 2021
Riverdale Mills Innovates to Reduce Chemical Use. 2020
Umicore Electrical Materials eliminates use of perchloroethylene in vacuum degreaser. 2020
Morgan Advanced Materials Triumphs over TCE. 2020
S.E. Shires Company. OTA. 2019
Free Wheelers Bike Shop. 2019
BioBased Floor Stripping
Inner-Tite Corporation - Closed Circuit Degreaser and Other Changes Improve Environmental Health and Safety. OTA 2001
BOC Edwards - Enclosed Automated Wash System. OTA 2001
Cleaning Urethane, Ink and Paint Manufacturing Vessels - Alternatives to Toxic Solvents in Cleaning Systems. 1997
Smith & Wesson - 1,1,1-Trichloroethane Elimination. OTA 1995
Life Sciences ChemGenes Corporation - Solvent Recovery and Recycling. 2013
Averica Discovery Services Inc. - Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. OTA 2015
ChemGenes Corporation - Solvent Reduction. OTA 2016
Metal Finishing and Plating River Street Metal Finishing filters acid to reduce chemical use. 2021
Independent Plating - Trivalent Chromium Plating Conversion. 2012
Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. - Plating Operation Achieves Zero Wastewater Discharge. OTA 2005
V.H. Blackinton & Co. - Halogen Solvent Elimination, Chemical Reduction and Zero Discharge. OTA 2003
Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. Plating Operation Achieves Zero Wastewater Discharge OTA. 2015
Microbreweries Merrimack Ales - Safer Cleaning and Sanitizing Technology. 2018
Merrimack Ales - Less Hazardous Cleaning and Sanitizing Technology. 2016
Miscellaneous Acushnet Rubber Company - ISO Certification through TUR. OTA 1997
Organic Grass Playing Fields Natural Grass Playing Field Case Study: Martha's Vineyard, MA. 2020
  Natural Grass Playing Field Case Study: Marblehead, MA. 2019
  Natural Grass Playing Field Case Study: Springfield, MA. 2019
  Natural Grass Playing Fields: Selected Case Studies from Southwest Pennsylvania. 2021
Paper Hampden Papers, Inc. - Reduction of VOC Emissions Leads top Savings. OTA 1998.
Crane & Company, Inc. - Substitution with Carbon DioxideEliminates Major Use of Sulfuric Acid. OTA 2003
Printing  Fit to Print Advertising, Inc. - Conversion to UV Curing. OTA 1996
Minuteman Press of Foxboro Goes All Green with New Equipment.2017
Process Efficiency US Pack- Process Improvements Reap Large Rewards. 2019
Cranston Print Works Company - In-process Acid Recycling, Process Control Charting, Carbon Dioxide Wastewater Treatment. 2009
South Coast Technical Products - Filtration and Wastewater Compliance. OTA 2007
Olympic Manufacturing - Recycling Coolant. OTA 1999
Poly-Plating Inc. - Chemical and Water Waste Reduction. OTA 1997
Korber Hats - Elimination of Hazardous Air Pollutants. OTA 1997
Lightolier - Elimination of Trichloroethyleneand Reduction of VOC Emissions. OTA 1997
Kidde-Fenwal - New Coating Technologies Provide Big Payoffs. OTA 1996
Novacor Chemicals, Inc. - Monomer Storage and Handling Improvements. OTA 1995
Textiles Coyne Textile Services - Pre-Laundering Techniques to Achieve Reductionsin Water Use. OTA 2002
Brittany Dyeing and Printing Corporation - Innovative Textile Finishing Process. OTA 1999
VOC Reduction  Ophir Optics LLC - Lean Manufacturing. 2011
Ophir Optics LLC - Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma OTA Updated 2015
ESP Lock Products, Inc. - Vegetable Oil Lubricant Replacement. 1999
Brownell Boat Stands, Inc. - Low-VOC Coatings. OTA 1999
Crest Foam - Elimination of Methylene Chloride Use in Manufacturing Process. OTA 1997
Waste Reduction Mark Richey Woodworking - Toxic Use and Waste Reduction. OTA. 2017
Water Conservation  GKN Sinter Metals - Reduced Process Water Consumption By Special WastewaterPretreatment and Recycling. OTA 2003
Analog Devices - Innovative Solutions to Water Conservation. 2015
Wet Cleaning Best Neighborhood Care Dry Cleaners - Cost Analysis of a Professional Wet Cleaning Shop. 2012
Mr. John's Cleaners - Saves Money, Reduces Toxics, Conserves Energy. 2011
Ace Cleaners - Eliminating the Use of Toxic Chemicals in Dry Cleaning. 2011
Silver Hanger Cleaners - Feasibility and Cost Comparison of Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning to Professional Wet Cleaning. 2010
Wire and Cable  AlphaGary Corporation - Reduction in Lead Compounds. OTA 2005