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TURI has recognized that it is important to channel the curiosity of scientists to invent the next generation of cleaner and greener materials to replace existing toxic materials.
- Prof. Ramaswamy Nagarajan of Plastics Engineering, UMass Lowell


Academic Research

TURI works with industry and university researchers to identify and promote innovations in toxics use reduction and pollution prevention.

Alternatives Assessment and Green Chemistry

TURI supports research in fields to identify safer alternatives and processes for toxics use reduction. Alternatives assessments and green chemistry are growing approaches used by industry, government and activists that promote substitution of toxic chemicals for more benign chemistries and processes.  

Greener Materials Research Symposium

Biannually, TURI holds a greener materials research symposium at UMass Lowell.


TURI's support of nanotechnology research is focused on identifying safer ways to use the benefits of nanotechnology while minimizing the potential for adverse human and environmental health impacts.

Green Cleaning Research

The TURI Laboratory conducts research to identify safer cleaning and disinfection formulations for use in homes, institutions and businesses.

More Info

TURI’s Research Reports describe industry and university led efforts to advance TUR for specific industry applications, processes, progress or results for toxics use reduction research or the state of a toxics use reduction problem.