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The representatives from these companies were passionate about finding greener and more sustainable products, but they were also able to articulate the business case that is needed to move forward for a real solution.
- Asst. Prof. Christopher Hansen - UMass Lowell

Greener Materials Research Symposium

TURI symposium poster session

UMass Lowell researchers and Massachusetts industry join together at a symposium on May 10 to discuss the latest in greener materials research and collaborate on future projects. Topics include:

  • Keynote speakers Freimut Schroder, Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety, Siemens AG Healthcare Sector and John Warner, President and Chief Technology Officer, The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
  • Academic researchers and their industry partners discuss their collaborative efforts to identify and implement safer alternatives for medical devices, disinfection, contact adhesives, and windshield washer formulations
  • Massachusetts companies discuss current research needs for safer alternatives

Posters and other presentations will provide additional information on research opportunities available to Massachusetts companies at UMass Lowell.

See the agenda for the May 10, 2017 Greener Materials Research Symposium.

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