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TURI Grants

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Our grants to businesses, community organizations and academia support technology purchases and demonstrations, research and initiatives that reduce toxic chemical use.

  • Industry Incentive Grants -- provides funding for demonstration of technology or process modification/modernization implementation.
  • Cleaner Technology Demonstration Grant - for companies that have already implemented a TUR or resource conservation project and are willing to demonstrate it to other companies.
  • Academic Research Grants -- uses the strengths of UMass students and faculty to research the feasibility of greener materials that will help businesses switch to safer substances.
  • Wet Cleaning Grants for Dry Cleaners in Massachusetts -- supports dry cleaners that want to convert from using perchloroethylene to dedicated professional wet cleaning.
  • Community Grants -- available for community organizations and municipal departments to create and promote healthier communities by raising awareness and educating people about safer alternatives to toxics.
  • Small Business Grants -- works with small businesses prepared to purchase and install new equipment or materials to reduce the use of toxic chemicals.