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Methylene Chloride Fact Sheet

Methylene chloride, or dichloromethane (DCM), is a chlorinated solvent commonly used as a metal degreaser, a chemical intermediate, a reaction or extraction solvent, a paint stripper, and as a component in adhesives. Consumer products that can be purchased at local automotive and hardware stores, such as aerosol parts cleaners and paint strippers, may contain methylene chloride.

Methylene chloride exposure can result in serious adverse health effects including organ toxicity, effects on the central nervous system, cardiovascular effects and possibly cancer. High, short-term exposures can be lethal. Its extreme volatility makes it especially dangerous, since it is very easy to create unsafe airborne concentrations through evaporation.

Methylene chloride is designated as a Higher Hazard Substance under TURA, which lowers the reporting threshold to 1,000 lb/year, effective January 2014.

For more information, download the fact sheet here.