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Reduce Toxics and Costs, Conserve Resources

TURI provides training for toxics use reduction, resource conservation, and environmental management systems. Take advantage of the many training sessions that will help your company reduce toxics and conserve resources. Although many of these trainings were developed for Toxics Use Reduction (TUR) Planners, anyone interested in these topics is welcome to participate.

Training class

To Become a TUR Planner


For Existing TUR Planners

  •  Continuing Education Conferences hosted twice a year, spring and fall,  for TUR Planner Continuing Education credit and general Pollution Prevention and Resource Conservation sessions for anyone interested in the conference topics. 
  • Annual reporting workshops for updates on reporting under the federal Toxics Release Inventory and Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (Forms R, S, and A), presented in the spring
  • Resource Conservation course, presented on even numbered years, prepares TUR Planners to certify Resource Conservation Plans
  • Environmental Management Systems course, presented on odd numbered years,  for TUR Planners interested in certifying this alternative planning method. 
  • Webinars on a variety of toxics reduction and resource conservation topics
  • Demonstration Site tours provide real world examples from companies innovating in toxics use reduction or resource conservation.

Check the TURI calendar for dates and registration availability.

More Info

Spring Continuing Education Conference begins remotely on April 6th.

Why Become a TUR Planner?
There's a huge opportunity for young people to get involved in this profession.
- Cierra MacLeod, Project Manager, Merrimack Environmental, Inc., Haverhill