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Disclosing Chemicals in Products and Supply Chains

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December 7, 2021
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The 16th Annual BizNGO Meeting is for businesses and NGOs committed to embarking on the journey to safer chemicals. These sessions are held virtually.


Session 2. Transparency: Disclosing Chemicals in Products & Supply Chains (December 7th at 3:00-6:00pm EST)

Learn aspirations for chemical ingredient disclosure, efforts to implement transparency in policy, and steps businesses are taking towards disclosure, including supply chain disclosure. Facilitator: Mark Rossi, Executive Director, Clean Production Action 

Session 2a. Implementing the Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure (3:00-4:15pm EST)


  • Mark Rossi, Executive Director, Clean Production Action
  • Introducing the Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure and organizations endorsing the Principles 
  • Avinash Kar, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Reflecting on the Principles and how they relate to policy initiatives. 
  • Jon Smieja, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Andersen Corporation 
  • Implementing the Principles at business scale, challenges and successes

Schedule 3:00 Presentations3:30 Q&A3:40 Small groups 

  • How is your organization working on transparency?
  • What are your transparency needs & successes?
  • What interconnections do you see between transparency and environmental justice?

4:05 Report backs & wrap up4:15 Adjourn 

Session 2b. Growing Supply Chain Transparency—featuring the innovative Cosmetic Supply Chain Transparency Act (4:40-6:00pm EST)


  • Representative Jan Schakowsky, US House of Representatives 
  • Speaking on the introduction of the Cosmetic Supply Chain Transparency Act in Congress
  • Janet Nudelman, Director of Program and Policy, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners 
  • Providing highlights on the Cosmetic Supply Chain Transparency Act
  • Mia Davis, VP, Sustainability & Impact, Credo Beauty; and Co-Founder, Pact Collective
  • Sharing why businesses are in support of Congressional action on supply chain transparency

Schedule4:40 Presentations5:15 Q&A5:25 Small groups 

  • What are your challenges in supply chain transparency?
  • How can policy support supply chain transparency?
  • How does supply chain transparency support environmental justice?

5:50 Report backs & wrap up6:00 Adjourn

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