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Our work with the TURA program was the catalyst for integrating TUR into all of our business operations. Doing what is right for the environment - and therefore right for our company, employees and the community - is now standard business practice.
- Frank Marino, Senior Manager of EH&S at Raytheon Company


Finding Safer Substances that Work

Finding safer chemical substances that work as well as the toxic substances can be a challenge. However, by using the Toxics Use Reduction Planning method, companies are able to systematically identify and evaluate the alternatives to make informed decisions. Take advantage of all of the services and tools that TURI offers to help your company reduce toxics:

Reduce Costs, Build Competitiveness, Reduce Risks

Companies that fall under the Toxics Use Reduction Act are required to take training classes, report toxic chemical use and submit plans to MassDEP. They are not required to reduce toxics if it does not make economic sense.

Once companies go through the planning process, many realize that they if they switch to safer substances, they are able to reduce costs, build competitiveness and reduce risks to both workers and the environment. See a few company successes on the right.

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TURI partners also help companies reduce toxics:

Lytron Receives Grant, Reduces TCE by 6,000 Pounds