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About Us

Helping Businesses Adopt Safer Chemicals

TURI has helped businesses adopt safer chemicals and prevent pollution for more than 30 years. 

Established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1989, the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) is an independent government agency with a mandate to help protect workers, communities and the environment from toxic chemicals and pollution. Working in close collaboration with businesses of all sizes, as well as government agencies, local communities and international organizations, TURI helps identify actions companies and communities can take to protect workers and public health.

Alternatives Assessment and Substitution

Our systematic approach of Toxics Use Reduction has improved the competitiveness of businesses, while reducing substances linked to cancer, birth defects, neurological damage and other adverse health impacts from our water, our food, our air, as well as the places we work and call home. We train substitution experts to work with businesses to reduce the use of toxic chemicals across a range of industries. Planning for Toxics Use Reduction helps companies avoid regrettable substitutions, evaluate the performance of safer alternatives and assess financial implications.

Toxics Use Reduction

Research and Development

Featured Success: Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers worked with TURI to stay ahead of European Union restrictions on surfactants used in diagnostic devices.

Industry Sectors Reducing Toxics

TURI identifies, tests and develops safer alternatives to toxic chemicals used in various industries and applications. These include aerospace, electronics, metal finishing, food and beverage, janitorial services, industrial parts cleaning, industrial manufacturing, textiles, consumer products, among others.

Industry Sectors

Proven Track Record of Toxics Use Reduction

Support for Industry, Small Businesses and Communities

Careers and Opportunities

Contact TURI Staff

TURI’s innovators, including scientists, engineers, and policy experts, have been helping companies successfully reduce the use and emission of toxic chemicals across a range of industries for over 30 years. Let us know how we can help you reduce toxics. Contact a member of the TURI staff.

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