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Halogenated Solvents Alternatives Assessment

Many halogenated solvents are Higher Hazard Substances under the TURA Program and are commonly used across Massachusetts manufacturing. TURI is launching a comprehensive investigation into these substances to try to identify safer substitutes. The completed alternatives assessment will include evaluation of technical performance, economic feasibility, and EHS endpoints.

To make sure that this alternatives assessment is useful to TURA filers and planners, is inviting participation from TUR Planners to support the usefulness and comprehensiveness of this alternatives assessment. TURI is scheduling workshops in December 2019 across the Commonwealth to discuss:

  • Chemical and process alternatives
    • Cost
    • Performance
    • etc.
  • What’s been tried and succeeded or failed
  • TURA, U.S., and global regulatory considerations

Please see the TURI calendar for more information and to register to participate.

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