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Experiences of Four Corporate Officials Managing Compliance with TURA. 2011.

The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA), one of the original pollution prevention laws, has faced repeated repeal attempts and budget cuts. Yet the Massachusetts toxics use data and other analyses have provided firm indications that the law has actually worked. Though the program has survived it is notable that an approach that both saves money and reduces pollution has been reduced and not expanded. This paper does not attempt to answer the question of why the strategies of TURA have not seen wider application, but offers four stories to illustrate what happens when they are properly applied. The experience of corporate officials who had to comply with TURA, related at a symposium on the occasion of the law’s 20th anniversary, shed light on how a strong pollution prevention law can benefit regulated companies as well as the environment and worker and public health, and provide suggestions, in addition to data and surveys, that TURA-like sets of governance tools should receive wider consideration.  

Author: R. Reibstein

Reibstein, Rick "Experiences of Four Corporate Officials Managing Compliance with TURA. " Journal of Cleaner Production 19 (2011): 498-504