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The identification and screening of lower toxicity solvents for contact adhesives, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. 2017.
  Safer Adhesives Via Thiol-ene Chemistry. 2012.

Aerospace and Defense

Evaluation of Conversion Coatings Without Hexavalent Chromium for Aerospace and Defense Applications. 2022
  Evaluation of Hexavalent Chromium Free Bond Primers for Aerospace and Defense Applications, Products Finishing, 2017.
  Lockheed Martin report on hex chrome free sealants - Phase II. 2015
  Research results for safer sealant alternatives. 2014
  Lockheed Martin report on hex chrome free sealants - Phase I.2014
  Hex chromium free sealants for defense and aerospace.2014 
  Assessment of safer sealant removers.2014 
  Evaluation for alternatives to hexavalent chromium sealants.2013

Liquid Chromatography

Designing Safer Solvents to Replace Methylene Chloride for Liquid Chromatography Applications Using Thin-Layer Chromatography as a Screening Tool (link to online article) (link to download pdf file)
  Safer Solvent Blends for Food, Dye, and Environmental Analyses Using Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography


Chemical alternatives assessment: Cleaning solutions formulations.2015
  Preliminary research report: Comparison of three methods of detecting residual microoganisms on a cleaned/disinfected surface.2013 
  Polysaccharide based surfactants as alternative to nonylphenol ethoxylates in laundry detergents.2012


Electronic products industry supply chain: Summary of four phases of research efforts for conversion to lead-free electronics. 2014
  Preparation of semi-conducting polymers colloids in aqueous dispersion for electrically active coatings.2013
  Evaluation of lead-free solders, halogen-free laminates, and nanomaterial surface finishes for assembly of printed circuit boards for high reliability applications, Journal of Surface Mount Technology, 2009.
  Nanoscale lead-free solders ("nasno-solders"): Synthesis, characterization, and reflow properties.2008
  Brooks Instrument, LLC. Lead-free electronics implementation.2008



Flame Retardants

Sustainable routes to non-halogenated flame retardants based on phenolic monomers.2009 

Coating Removal

Removing Acrylic Conformal Coating with Safer Solvents for Re-Manufacturing Electronics. 2021
  Assessment of Safer and Effective Alternatives for Coating Removal Products. 2020.
  Assessment of Safer and Effective Alternatives to Methylene Chloride for Paint Stripping Products

Resins, Coatings

Reducing use of styrene monomer in unsaturated polyster resins.2013
  High performance Bisphenol A (BPA)-free epoxy resins.2013
  Alternative formaldehyde-free particleboard composition based on epoxidized vegetable oils.2009