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Resource Conservation

The 2006 Amendments to the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) created alternative planning opportunities for companies subject to TURA that have completed a TUR Plan and two or more updates. One alternative is a plan to conserve resources, named Resource Conservation (RC). Once prepared, these alternative plans must be certified by TUR Planners who have been approved by MassDEP by earning additional TUR credits in the appropriate disciplines.

TURI provides training programs to meet DEP requirements and to enhance Planners' skills in the area of resource conservation, so that Planners can evaluate and certify these types of plans. Upon completion of the required training classes, the Planner submits an application to MassDEP, and if accepted, is eligible to certify RC Plans.

Resource Conservation training is typically a two day training held every other year in even numbered years, 2018, 2020, and so on. The cost for this training is $325.00 for TURA Filers and $375.00 for Non-Filers.

MassDEP has Planning Guidance for Resource Conservation plans.

The TURA Program defines Resource Conservation as "an action that decreases the use or consumption of a natural asset such as water, energy, or raw material or increses the efficiency of the use of the assets, without increasing risk to the public, workers, consumers or the environment and without increasing the amount of waste generated. 310 CMR 50.10