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Styrene Use in Massachusetts. 1993.

  TURI Technical Report No. 7. The primary use of styrene in Massachusetts and nationwide is in the production of polystyrene. The polystyrene production industry in this state consumed 99 % of the styrene used in Massachusetts in 1990 according to the TURA data. Polystyrene typically is manufactured in large facilities where high volumes of the plastic are produced. Worker exposure to styrene in these facilities is usually well monitored and maintained within OSHA permissible exposure limits. However, with the large quantity of styrene used in polystyrene production, handling accidents potentially could be a significant source of worker and public exposure. Over the past six years, since the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) began recording accidental releases, 28 accidental releases of styrene have been reported. Almost all of these releases have occurred on-site at the industrial facility. Download PDF file (1.02 MB)